OTO invest significant resources in quality control process and continuous improvement by internal laboratory and external international galvanic partners.

In OTO each plant is designed as a new project and customized to comply with specific customer’s requirements. The OTO engineering team covers the complete design of machine parts and galvanic technologies. Electroplating is a process that uses electrical current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. Electroplating is primarily used to change the surface properties of an object (e.g. abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, aesthetic qualities, conductivity, etc.). Concentricity of deposition, uniformity, adhesion, high speed plating, pH, replenishments and accurate current control are KEY FACTORS of our technology.

Some of most common metal plating are:

  • Tin, to increase solderability or corrosion protection during vulcanization
  • Zinc, to improve corrosion resistance on steel or speed into EDM brass cutting wire process
  • Nickel for temperature and insulation properties
  • Copper on Aluminium or Steel to increase conductivity
  • Silver highest corrosion protection and high frequency conductivity for aerospace aircraft cable
  • Gold and Palladium for special connectors

Some special alloys can be obtained only through an electrolytic process.
In example zinc-nikel alloy has higher corrosion resistance compared to pure zinc, brass alloys with high content of Zinc.

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